Penny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Soft Body

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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Soft Body

Gabe and Tycho play a game for 15 minutes and then judge it accordingly. This week they play Soft Body.

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    sawellssawells Registered User regular
    Mike slowly losing the will to live during this one is genuinely hilarious, particularly the contrast - Jerry is still totally on board with the game mechanic.

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    dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    The more minimalist an art style, the more it tortures Mike.

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    VeitVeit Registered User regular
    Geez, Mike was a real jackass about this one.

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    EmmetRyanEmmetRyan Registered User regular
    I've whined about Mike's attitude before, but this time? Nah, he's right, ugly style and crappy looking gameplay.

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