DnD at Pax West

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We have some initial info on DnD at PAX West.... Baldman Games is running Adventures League as official WOTC support returns this year. DnD also returns to the Convention Center Annex as well! Play space on the 2nd floor (so Magic on the main floor and basement area – DnD up the escalators taking up the entire upper floor). The adventures will include the Season 5 intro adventures (5 90 minute adventures for levels 1 - 2) in 2 hour blocks, so at least 10 hours of DnD play right there. Also in 2 hour block (90 minutes of play) are some Acquisitions Inc adventures. Don't know any more than this, but sounds fun! If you are a 5e DM and want to DM at Pax the call for volunteers has gone out, they offering levels the can include a badge or even a hotel room (shared with 3 new friends) see this link for details http://baldmangames.com/pax-west/ Hope to see some of you at the table!

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