Playing Weird Board Games in Boston 8/17

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Howdy folks!
I played some truly awesome board games at PAX East this past year that were way beyond what I normally thought of as "games". So, if you're in Boston we're playing high concept board games, indie RPG's, and other unusual experiences. Got a game you like? Suggest it in the comments below. Designed a weird board game? The first part of the event will be a GameSlam, like a poetry slam for games, so bring whatever you like! The remaining part of the event will be setup for open gaming.

We're excited to be joined by Celia Pearce and some of her latest work.

August 17th 5:30-9
Bocoup - 201 South Street,
Boston, MA 02114
Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-night-of-gaming-curiosities-tickets-26652078083

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    Sounds great! However, I don't think this is within the remit of these forums.

    Geth, close this thread.

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    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

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