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Lately I been fighting off bouts of sadness and finding myself getting into my head for too long over different things in my life.

Depression runs in my family, and although I don't think I would label me depressed, I also don't think I'm at 100% healthy, emotional place. Nowhere near where I'm a danger to myself, or anything that serious but also find myself feeling unhappy more often than I would like, and just kinda powering through it.

I'm thinking that maybe talking to someone would help. I have a lot of people in my life that I could turn to, but honestly I have never been comfortable being vulnerable, and divulging that much to people around me (I feel judged, although I know that wouldn't be the case).

So maybe a therapist would help?

How do I go about picking one? What do I look for? Is this something I even need?

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    Personally, I think everyone should see a therapist in their adult life. I went to see a therapist because I had a really tough time dealing with a breakup, but during the sessions we went over my relationship with my parents growing up, the death of my mom, and a few other things. Those weren't necessarily things that I was having trouble dealing with, but being able to talk about those things helped give me a better handle on myself and my other feelings.

    My therapist was listed on a local therapist related site that listed the therapists in the area and their specialty and location. I would pick a therapist primarily based on specialty related to what you're having problems with. And for me, I felt more comfortable talking to a woman, so I went for that as well. If whatever site you use has reviews as well, then that's also a good resource.

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    I would start with checking on your insurance website. They should have a list. From there do a little Google searching and reading. Finally just go there and see. Honestly the cost of a session with insurance is worth trying out a therapist as it is a very intense relationship at times.

    There is no perfect rubric to follow to find the ideal person. Specialties certainly help but a surprising amount of results come simply from the rapport built up between the two of you. Call some places, make some appointments, and feel free to move on or stay depending on if it feels right.

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    Don't be afraid to switch if the first one doesn't seem to be helping. They won't be offended.

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    Also, rule out any medical conditions that can cause depression.
    For example, hypothyroidism.

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    It's a useful tool by Psychology Today. It sorts mental health professionals by specialty, location, even insurance provider. I'll echo the above advice that seeing a therapist is a totally normal thing.

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    When I was looking for a therapist way back when, I was able to talk on the phone with them for a few minutes to explain my situation and also get a feel for whether we would "click" at no charge. I don't know if they still do this, but finding someone who seems like they would work for you can go a long way in feeling better sooner in my experience.

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    A good therapist (I would recommend seeing a psychologist) can help with a variety of things, from adjusting to life situations, making important decisions, or helping someone through difficult times regarding mental health. It is completely normal to see one, as like you say, sometimes you need help, and don't feel like you friends will be able to help you work through it.

    Seeing a good therapist can be much better than talking to a friend as they will take your sense of vulnerability seriously, will not diminish what you're going through or judge you, and bring effective skills to the table to help you through your situation. They can unpack your story and help you shape your life and experiences in a way that is meaningful to you.

    With that said, if you don't feel like you click with a therapist, or what they are doing isn't helping, you are absolutely in your right to tell them that. A good therapist will understand that and should be open to that discussion. Please don't feel disheartened if your first therapist doesn't work out - it is critical that a client and therapist fit, therapeutically, for the work to be effective.

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    It might take you a few tries to find one that works for you. I went through 2 or 3.

    When you find someone you like and trust, work at it and stick to it. Opening up about yourself and staring your demons down is really fucking hard. It's worth it though.

    Good luck and godspeed.

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    And please do not rule out seeing an LICSW or even an LMHC. They are therapists too and have the proper training and techniques to help you out. Therapy is a process and relationship. It won't be some quick magical fix, but it will be worth it.

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    Also, I've said this here before - I think.
    If money and/or insurance might be a problem, investigate whether there is a Postgraduate Psychology course at your local college. I'm not sure exactly how it works in America, but you'd want something around the Masters or Doctorate level.

    Then, check to see if they have a student run clinic, where they see clients for cheap because they're intern psychologists. Interns in programs like this are supervised by experienced psychologists, and they're ideal for people in situations like yourself where you don't describe yourself as depressed but could maybe benefit from talking to a professional.

    I've seen first hand how much good these clinics can do. They're worth checking out.

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  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    Thanks everyone.

    I been feeling better but as this isn't the first time I gone through it I'm still planning on seeking some professional help. Waiting on my move from contractor to permanent to become official at my job (end of the month) so I can check out the insurance options.

    I'll post an update with my experience when I have my first sessions.

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