Paring Down My Collection: The fishfishmonkeyhat Story

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So I've never been one of the crazy 100%'ers here, but I've always wanted the show set from each PAX. I've decided recently that paying for show sets from PAXen I don't attend is kinda nuts. That's 12 pins every year I don't really have a connection to that I have to find a display/storage for. Plus since getting some of my most wanted "unicorn" pins over the last few years (no, not that one) I've felt less.. enthused with the hobby. I'm not at the "sell all my pins and stop going to PAX" point quite yet, but I could certainly do with some more space.

So that brings me to today.

I'm moving my full collection of non-PAX AUS show sets to my trading pile. These ones:


I may consider keeping individual pins from future sets if I like them but there aren't any in the above lot that I can't live without (yes even hotdog fairy).


Q: "What about East 13 bro I'm sending you a trade offer right meow.."

A: I'll be holding on to that for now. They were some of the first pins I traded for at AUS 13.

Q: "What about LE pins from US PAXen?"

A: I still plan to buy these. They look good in sets and I can always sell them later if I choose.


So what pins am I keeping?

The PAX AUS show sets, being my home PAX and all. Also these ones:


Without the mass of US PAX sets watering those ones down it will make for a pretty striking shadow box, once I buy a better one. Also still collecting the staff sets which I'm currently placing in smaller display frames. I currently keep 3rd party pins I like in a storage case, but I may even pull some of those out and put them on display now I've freed up some room. Or move some of them to the trading pile if I end up with too many in the future.

I'm not sure why I made this thread but it got too big for a single post in the community thread.

Thoughts, I guess?

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