Using headphones on a TV

I'm not terribly familiar with home audio and the like, so I need some help and advice here.

My mother wants to use headphones with her TV. As she's getting older, it's harder to hear, that old story. There are a few quirks though. This TV does indeed have a headphone jack, and we've tried it and it works fine. But it's in a fairly awkward location to get at, and she's just enough of a luddite that it's not a task she'll ever be able to master. Plus, plugging it in cuts the sound to the TV speakers, and the setup she wants is sound coming out of both TV and headphones, so she can simply pop them on and off as needed. There's a PVR and DVD machine connected to the TV via HDMI, and she uses both, so I'm guessing the only sensible option is doing something with the optical out jack on the TV. Doing some googling on the subject, I'm guessing my best course of action is something like one of these? TV to box, box to headphones, sound out of both TV and headphones, and everything is golden.

Anybody got any advice or suggestions on the cheapest and/or pain-free options to achieve a setup like this?

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    iguanacusiguanacus Desert PlanetRegistered User regular
    As long as the TV will output sound from the speakers AND the optical port at the same time, probably your best bet.

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    MugsleyMugsley DelawareRegistered User regular
    I haven't played with it, but you could also try using the remote in a Roku. I think the 3 or higher comes with the headphone-jack-remote. I'm not sure if you got the remote separate and used it with, say, the Streaming Stick, if it would still work.

    That all being said, it's more expensive than your option and you can't watch regular TV with it. So give your idea a shot.

    I'm assuming you'll be using wireless headphones, and just plugging the base into that dongle?

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    MugsleyMugsley DelawareRegistered User regular
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    Relevant to the discussion, I will have to check; I'm curious if the Roku app lets you use your phone's headphone jack (heh) to listen to the TV.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
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