Penny Arcade - PATV - DLC Podcast Show – Titanfail

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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - DLC Podcast Show – Titanfail

This week Gabe and Tycho create the comic Titanfail. Listen to the podcast here.

Read the full story here

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    I am not sure that I want to - nay - that I can live in a reality where another season of Acquisitions Incorporated "may" happen "at some point". I need to live in one where it is an absolute certainty that it will happen. Preferably in the next 5 seconds, or so. I can sustain a slightly longer wait, but not by much. I have it from credible informants that the majority of the people on earth feel the same way.

    So please, sit down and play some D&D. And let. us. watch. Please?

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    ShellbackShellback Registered User regular
    Right? I need another Season of Acqusitions Inc. I need it. Neeeeed it.

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    UndyingSolonUndyingSolon Registered User new member
    Please... please do a comic about Gabe not knowing where Tycho lives.

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