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Hello One and All!

I will be the Aus Proxy again this year:
The AUS Pins have been announced! https://www.penny-arcade.com/pinny-arcade/news-post/pax-aus-pin-quest

NOTE: I have changed the cost of the 3rd party pins to reflect the US Dollar to the AUS Dollar exchange rate. AKA- They are now CHEAPER. The Core Set will remain the same price and will cover the shipping costs. Again, any money left over will be donated to Child’s Play.

Any request for the LE Polly, Earlybird or Alienware will be dealt with individually and separate from the Proxy. I’ll talk to people individually about this after PAX and when I know what pins I have.

There still is no official price for some of the pins: the AUS Set 2016, Mario Set, and the Kemper Set. I get on a plane in 2 days, and I have to set a price so that you have time to send the funds. It is very frustrating on my part. I will have the Core set at last year’s price of $35. I hope they don’t up it to $40. There has been zero interest in the Mario and Kemper Sets, so I’ll take these off the list. If interested, add to special requests.

Any money extra from the USD to AUS dollar conversion will be donated to Child’s Play after all pins are mailed out. If you do not know of Child’s Play: Child's Play is a charitable organization that donates toys and games to children's hospitals worldwide. It was founded in 2003 by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, authors of webcomic Penny Arcade. http://childsplaycharity.org/

PAX Aus 2016 Set – 35????
Albert (Surprise Attack Games) - $15
Hackernet (Surprise Attack Games) - $15
Hydra (League of Geeks) - $15
Rogue Singularity (Considerable Content ) - $15 - Includes Steam Early Access for Rogue Singularity
Fruits of a Feather (Samurai Punk) - $15
Mallow Drops (Gritfish) - $15
***Combo of Fruits of a Feather (Samurai Punk) and Mallow Drops (Gritfish) - $25
Ironic Yorick (Tin Man Games) - $15, or 2 for $25
Psychomancer (Take This) - $15
Tugger Nutts Goes Down Under (LRR - Bandland) - $15

**The only pins not up for purchase through Proxy is the Limited Edition pin, Early Bird pin and the Alienware pin. If you are after any of these 3, send me a PM and we’ll talk.

There has been talk of previous AUS pins available for purchase. The list is below. I will guess $15 per pin. If it is less, I will refund the difference or donate to Child’s Play, person’s choice. Send a PM with instructions.

Possible Old Pins
Tin Man, Medius (Tin Man Games)
Screencheat Logo, Samurai Punk (Samurai Punk)
Armello Logo (League of Geeks)
Surprise Attack Ninja (Surprise Attack)
Creepy Doll BBQ, LRR Muffins, Creepy Doll, Sheriff Spoopifer, Hockey Spoop, Tugger Nutts (LRR)
Starslip Prime, Broodhollow Iris, Zane & Mercy, Cadavre, Cthulhu Swim (Kris Straub)

I NEED PINS – What do I do now?
Send me a PM with your name and address you want the box shipped to. List the pins and how many you want of each. If you want a bundle (Tin Man, etc.), indicate please. Any special instructions- swag, patch, merch, please also include. I will add your order to the spreadsheet. I should have official cost of Pins on Monday/Tuesday. I will respond to your PM with the order list and total cost. You transfer the funds through Google Wallet to Anastasiacooper14@gmail.com. I will send a PM confirming I have received it. Then sit back and know you’ll get some Awesome Pins in 3-4 weeks!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post or PM me with your questions. Take care and as always-


Q & A:
What is The PAX Proxy?
Each PAX has had a volunteer, someone to buy pins for people who are not in a pin group. People who would only like a certain pin or cannot guarantee that they will be able to go to a PAX that year.

Will the Proxy get me ALL the pins??
The Proxy will purchase all the pins available for money IE: Core sets and 3rd Party pins. The exception is the Limited Edition pin. Since the Merch Desk only sells 2 pins per person, the Proxy cannot guarantee the ability to gain a LE for each person they are proxy for.

How many people can the Proxy buy for?
There is no limit to the number of people I will proxy form. Last year, I was the AUS Proxy for 16 people. Some wanted only the Australian Set, some wanted 1 of everything, some wanted multiples of one pin while obtaining none of another.

How do I get on the list?
Have no fear, you have not missed it. I will begin the list once I know what pins are available. The deadline for orders & money is November 3rd, so do not panic!

How do I pay the Proxy?
Each proxy can request the money in different ways. I use Google Wallet and have never had any trouble with it.

When do you have to have the money?
The proxy sets the deadline each PAX. My deadline is the Thursday before PAX. If you are having issues, contact me and we can talk about it.

What about the Exchange Rate?
Since the exchange rates can fluctuate, it can get confusing. Since most of you pay me in US dollars, I use the difference to pay for the shipping and don’t add extra cost to you. This balanced out last year.

When do I get my pins?
Once PAX is over, I pack each individual box with your order plus any swag I may have obtained. All the US boxes go into a single box to reduce shipping costs and travel to an address in the US. Once my mom…yes, my mother, gets the box, she will mail each box individually to you. It will take about 3-4 weeks.

How Can I Trust You?
I was the Aus Proxy last year, and all 22 people got their pins. If there are any concerns, I have plenty of positive trades on the Pinny Pals website as well. Several of the Aus Panel People have met me in person.

I’m deathly afraid of spiders. What happens if one gets in my box?
Run. Burn the house down. Save the Pins.

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