looking for 'Hatred' or 'Need for Speed' players for online study

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I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Birmingham, studying video games and personality traits.

In Psychological research, most studies are conducted using student samples. I feel as though this is unrepresentative of the wider gaming community. Therefore, I am aiming to collect data from gamers, recruited through gaming forums.

The experiment I have set up is quite simple, and will require you to answer a number of personality questionnaires as well as gaming preferences. It will involve around 15 minutes of your time. I am exploring how personality traits may influence what type of genre of game we play.

If you enjoy playing the game ‘Hatred’ and would like to take part, please go to:


If you enjoy playing the game ‘Need for Speed’ and would like to take part, please go to:


There is also an optional second part to the experiment, details will be given to you when you finish the first set of questionnaires.


Chaz Phillips

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