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Asylum Gaming and Esports all weekend party Pax East 2017

GameOverBostonGameOverBoston Registered User regular
Greetings everyone, we hope you have all had a great year! Last year we hosted events over the weekend which everyone seemed to have a great time at. This year we are looking to go far above and beyond! We are currently looking at expanding our offerings to include more games, developers, special guests (devs and voice actors etc) as well as more space and a run time from thursday through sunday! We will be announcing things as they are confirmed so stay tuned and feel free to preview our venue here! We hope to see everyone here in March!



  • InfiniteNuLLInfiniteNuLL Registered User regular
    Sounds great, we look forward to hearing more!

    FF14 - Failia Zebonaiza, Behemoth Server, FC: 404 Guild Not Found
    PAX East Attendee - 2015, 2016
  • WellywokzWellywokz Registered User regular
    I heard great things last year. looking forwards to it

  • UpmindUpmind Registered User regular
    Host esports tourneys? Specifically CSGO, LoL, DOTA? That would produce some buzz

  • GameOverBostonGameOverBoston Registered User regular
    Upmind wrote: »
    Host esports tourneys? Specifically CSGO, LoL, DOTA? That would produce some buzz

    We are already in the middle of discussing things like this, we will have news soon.

  • GameOverBostonGameOverBoston Registered User regular
    Wanted to update you guys, our schedule and plans are almost entirely solid as of now. We are still talking with our potential guests and working out details, flights etc before we confirm. Hopefully in the next two weeks or so we will be able to announce our full plan. What I can say right now our schedule will be early evening thursday pax pre party until midnight or 2 am with a very special guest, friday will have a show at 5pm and 7pm with 3 very, very special guests (subject to being shifted an hour forward) followed by an after party from 10-2am, same on saturday, then a meet and greet sunday early evening followed by a pax closing party. I will update again as soon as we possibly can, we are very excited about this year and hope you guys will love what we have planned as much as we do.

  • djlybsdjlybs Slayer of the Datas Boston MetroRegistered User regular
    @GameOverBoston , any update on this?

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