Quote link to original post not working

In this post I made:
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Starring the titular character John Devildaggers, a sentient hand that can only communicate by propelling daggers out of his palm you must try and find your way in today's world where nobody understands that shootings daggers out of yourself is not an act of hate, but an act of.. love.
the... arrow things, that are supposed to link to the post I quoted, don't link to the correct post.
The post that should be linking to is this one, the OP of the Devil Daggers thread. As you can see, instead for some reason it links to some post in a thread from 2006.


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    Ark EvensongArk Evensong The NetherlandsRegistered User regular
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    You can reproduce this by quoting any OP, it seems. Quote function grabs the thread#, instead of comment# (if OP's even have comment#s?) but treats the link as if to a comment, which is another post altogether, or might not exist.

    (if that made sense?)
    cB557 wrote: »
    In this post I made:

    Doesn't work either.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    This is a fun one

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