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[PC] Vigilantes: A Crime Themed Turn Based Tactical RPG [Demo | Kickstarter]

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
I'd like to introduce the game I've spent over 4,000 hours working on since November 2014. Vigilantes is a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG inspired by the classics of the 90's, such as Fallout, X-Com, and Jagged Alliance. I've always had a passion for TB RPG's since I was young, and since getting into game development several years ago, have always wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the genre.
Here's an image of the main menu from Vigilantes, with the protagonist, Sam Contino, looking a little worse for wear after a... night on the town.
Here's the release trailer, which is the best way to get a feel for Vigilantes in 97 seconds.
Preview demos with around 3 hours of gameplay are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. We've just been Greenlit today, but our Kickstarter, in which we hope to raise the modest sum of €5,000, is still running. If you'd like to support a hard working indie team, get a copy of Vigilantes at a substantial discount (€8) and possibly prevent some baby seals from being brutally murdered, our Kickstarter is here.

Development Goals
We set out to achieve a number of goals with Vigilantes. In terms of setting, we wanted to avoid the settings most commonly associated with the turn based genre, and decided on a declining modern city in the middle of an unprecedented crime wave. Mechanically, we wanted to build deep and satisfying combat mechanics and avoid the present trend of simplifying RPG systems. Finally, while the main emphasis of Vigilantes is on combat, story telling is important, and we've spent a considerable amount of time working on creating memorable characters and building a compelling neo noir world.
Lead a team of Vigilantes in tense, turn based tactical combat against 3 distinct criminal gangs.
Engage criminals with choreographed, bone shattering hand to hand attacks, a variety of firearms, and explosives.
Run surveillance operations to locate the criminal threat.
Develop your character with the in-depth UPLIFT system, improving 9 skills through use, and choosing from a wide variety of perks.
Locate and team up with other vigilantes operating in Reiker City.
Purchase equipment, ranging from sniper rifles to machetes, assault rifles to smoke grenades.
Craft special items, such as high damage, hotloaded ammo, and advanced medical items.
Experience a compelling and meticulously crafted story, supported by high quality illustrations of the vigilantes, the city, and the gangs who occupy it.

Selected Artwork
Here's art by Olga of the three gangs, which dominate Reiker City: the Mafia, the cult like Church of the Final Exodus, and paramilitary survivalists. To stop crime in Reiker, you have to bring all 3 gangs down.

Ray Case - Voiced Ally Video
Here's an intro video for Ray Case, private eye, who is one of the allies you will find in Reiker. Here's looking at you, kid...

If you have any questions about Vigilantes, it's development or anything else, please leave a comment! Be happy to talk to you.



  • DrezDrez Registered User regular
    Cool, looks good. I just backed it. I'll take a look at the demo later.

  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Thank you Drez. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the demo!

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    There have been 2 updates since the Kickstarter, and a third on the way. Quite a lot has happened, and the emphasis has been on adding the city map, enhancing the combat system. Weapon crafting has also been added. On the content side, there are 8 new maps, 5 new weapons and 10 new perks. Here's the most recent development video, in case you'd like to have a look:


    Here's an illustration of Edgar Kowalski, an ally which you can recruit.


    What do you think of Edgar as an ally? Would you include him in your vigilante team?

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Hello again. Vigilantes version 13 is now available for download. This update includes the usual boost of new content, with 4 new maps and 4 new perks.

    Building on the emphasis of the last few updates on enhancing the tactical depth of combat in Vigilantes, 3 of these perks provide abilities which can be activated in battle to give you a tactical edge. Furthermore, a cone of fire has been added to shotguns, which brings both the potential to hit numerous enemies and the risk of friendly fire, making positioning of key importance. If you'd like to see some of the new content, and the additions in action, you can check out the development video below, or the release notes on our forums.


    Suggestions, criticism and questions most welcome, as always!

    The Vigilantes Steam page can be found here though it is not as yet being sold through Steam.

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Version 14 is shaping up nicely, with 4 new maps in a residential setting, and a significant enhancement of close combat mechanics. Instead of just one standard attack for unarmed, blunt and bladed weapons, there are now multiple attack types. These include lighter attacks with a higher chance to hit, heavier attacks with a lower chance to hit, attacks with higher critical chance, and attacks which cause negative effects on their target. If you'd like more information on these changes, you can find out more on the development video below:


    If you are a turn based tactical RPG fan, please let me know what you think!

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Version 14 of Vigilantes is now available, and it's one of the more hefty updates so far. Here's a the development video and the release notes. Comments are very welcome!


    + Added multiple attacks for each melee weapon type: unarmed, bladed, blunt
    + Added code to support temporary allies, which will allow for greater diversity in encounters
    + Characters can become lightly and heavily wounded as when their current HP drops below a % of the max HP. Wounded characters have less AP, are easier to attack, and suffer a CTH penalty on attacks
    + Enemies can now flee. Should they make it to the flee point, they will gain a level and you will have to encounter them later.
    + Added new pre combat encounter advantages: Reposition, Damage enemy
    + Added code to support encounter rewards: Cash, Items, Reputation

    + Added 3 suburban maps
    + Added 1 suburban graveyard maps
    + Added 3 suburban city backgrounds
    + Added new encounter: The Hit
    + Added new encounter: Grave Robbers
    + Added new encounter: Bootleggers
    + Added new perk: Artery Strike - Unlocks a special attack, which can inflict the heavy bleeding status effect
    + Added new perk: Concussive Blow - Unlocks a special attack, which can inflict the heavy concussion status effect
    + Added new perk: Friendly Fire - Reduces chance of hitting ally in the shotgun's zone of fire to 33% of its existing value
    + Added new perk: Message Sent - Incapacitating an enemy with a shotgun has a 50% chance to apply the traumatised status effect (+15% damage for 2 turns) to enemies within a two tile range

    +Improved lighting on all maps.

    + Fixed a number of text errors. (Thanks Nathan)
    + Fixed errors in firing sniper rifles. (Thanks Nathan)

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Vigilantes Version 15 Released!

    We've just released the 15th version of our crime themed turn based tactical RPG, Vigilantes. If you'd like to get info on the first half of the update, you will find it in the above video. In the second half of the version 15 update, we added the first non combat encounter, added support for withdrawing the player team from combat, 3 new encounters and 3 new perks.

    If you'd like a more complete explanation of these changes, please check out the video below, and please leave a comment to let us know what you think!


    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently only available direct
  • ChasinTheTraneChasinTheTrane Registered User regular
    Looks great! I'm really into the art style. How difficult does it get?

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