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Selling Pins - Could use some advice.

LyraiLyrai Registered User new member
So times are tough, and I need to break some old habits, and pay some debts. I'm going through my Pin collection and want to sell a few. I figure, tap the experts on this sort of thing

Most cardboard pin backs are gone. Circumstances outside my control forced me to discard most of the cardboard pin backs (Is there a name for this?). No big deal, as the pins were regularly taken off and displayed elsewhere, but I imagine to a few people this drops the value.
The push pin rubber stop back..things are fine. I have some old circle ones, and some Merch ones, as I used to collect pins as soon as they came out.
Listing them on eBay - if I do this, what info should I put up front and center? What will the buyers of these pins be looking for that I should put out there?
Rare pins - Some of the pins I'll be selling are indeed rare ones. I'm trying hard to figure out which ones I like for personal reasons, and which ones I just grabbed for magpie-like reasons, but is there some sort of price list for the rare-r pins?
Sets, individual - I was going to try and sell the pins that I got as sets together - the lookouts set, etc. Is this not what I should do? Will people prefer singles?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    Just search ebay for "pinny arcade" - active listings to get an idea of what people are using for keywords right now, sold listings to determine current "market" prices. I know in the past some people have mentioned rare pins for sale in the pinnypals slack chat, because then you're not eating ebay fees.

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  • The Chop SueyThe Chop Suey Registered User regular
    I don't think missing the cardboard back is a big issue for most people.

    I would imagine just the condition that the pin is in, and have a high quality picture. Can't go wrong with that.

    As Hingo said, use the search by completed or sold listings to determine the price. pinmash is a relative elo scale for rarity/demand so maybe you can use that to determine a relative value as well.

    I would say that you should try to keep sets sold as sets, but at the same time, singles may be easier to sell/manage. If someone wanted all of them, they could just buy them individually.

  • KurpavKurpav Registered User regular
    I'm a guy that collects pin with the cardboard backs. I don't think it drops the value and I wouldn't price a pin lower. However, if a pin gets listed without a back, I'd just choose to wait until one came along with a back. Not too many people care about it like that so I wouldn't shortchange yourself trying to cater to collectors like me.

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  • grgemonkeygrgemonkey Registered User regular
    Actual retail sets would be best sold as sets. If you break them up, you'll have a harder time finding buyers for the other 3 (or 5 in lookouts). Almost every set has one stand out pin (e.g. companion cube, kempers) that is the bulk of the value of that set. - Be there or be your least favourite shaped pin. Pin trading and more. - Head-To-Head battle of pins! Choose the most desirable. - iOS pin collection tracking app.
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  • PhoenixOLionPhoenixOLion Registered User regular
    Would be interested in buying potentially - still looking for some older pins (2013-2014 in nature) :D

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