I need advice on this sketchy situation

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so I was going to hook up with this guy that I met on craigslist. he told me that we should get a motel and I agreed to it. He told me to book the room for either nine or 10 PM and so I tried to but the guy at the reception desk tells me they're booked solid. so I message him and tell him that and he says hold on give me a second. He later messages me back and tells me hey I bargained with him and he got an opening for us. Go ahead and meet me there so I drive over and while I'm on my way he's calling me and introducing himself and saying how he wants to be friends and I said OK that sounds cool. Next thing he asked me is if I was a cop. At this point I did not think that that was a strange question because it is a common question when you were hooking up however I didn't think about how we were meeting at a motel and this is not illegal. then he proceeds to periodically keep hanging up and calling and telling me oh my goodness there's no room OK wait now there's room and so on. I finally get there and he says OK he only takes cash you have any cash I said no and he said OK do you have Chase and I said yes. There was a target across the street so he said I could get cash from there later and he would just pay for it. I suggested to quick pay him and he started getting really strange about that and said I don't know if I can do that I don't know. and told me it would be better if I just got money from the ATM. He says OK let me go inside and get the room. and then the whole time he's acting very strange and talking really fast I was thinking he was just nervous cause he told me this was his first time with a guy. Before he actually goes inside the door he turns around and says you know what let's walk in together and you ask him I just feel really nervous all of a sudden. so I said OK and we went to together and asked the guy for the room and he said no we are booked solid. So the guy I was messaging says that's so weird he is really pissing me off he is wasting our time and gas. He also kept saying that the guy from the motel kept calling him and wouldn't leave him alone which I thought was weird. after that he said well since we don't have a room let's just hang out around here and I said OK. And he said you know what let's walk around the motel for a second and see if he was lying to us because I feel like he was lying to us let's go check there and see. I walked just about a quarter in to it and then said you know what I would rather not walk back there what is there to see back there. He said OK let's just go inside the target and hang out over there for a little bit and I said OK. Once I got inside the target he calls me and says hey come out of the target the guy from the motel just called me and said that he does have a room open so sorry about this. at this point I said I don't believe you and I'm going home. And you said OK hold on give me a second I'll call him in from you so he calls the number and asked the guy at the front if there is room and he says yes there is room sorry about the inconvenience. And then I said OK you proven yourself but I still find this very sketchy and I don't want to do this anymore I am going home. And he just kept on saying how he's not a bad guy he wouldn't do anything to harm me of him if he would he would've done it already or something like that. And I told him listen I'm not stupid I'm going home and then he sped off. I drove away and now I'm sitting in Walmart parking lot somewhere near my house but not at my house I don't think anyone followed me. I just want to know what you think he was trying to do i'm so shaken about this experience and if you think i'm safe to go home. tried reporting it to police they were no help.

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    Paragraphs. God.

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    I don't think this dude is stable and while he might not be dangerous he's definitely done nothing to demonstrate he is worth your time or trust. You have no investment in him and (I hope) he doesn't know anything about you beyond your name and phone number, so cut ties and don't worry about it.

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    Don't meet strangers from the internet at motels. There are plenty of real live and safe people you can date.

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    Sounds like you dodged a bullet there.

    Do not contact him again, and if he contacts you just tell him not to ever again and hang up.

    Maybe be was going to rob you? Or some sort of scheme with the hotel guy? Who knows. Just be glad you ended it there and don't meet people through Craigslist.

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    Asking you if you're a cop + asking about $ makes it sound like maybe he's a prostitute, or a predator. Holy shit man, take care of yourself.

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