Pax South Karaoke?

SingsalotSingsalot Registered User regular
Is anybody interested?

So far, I can only find it (downtown/riverwalk) at Mad Dog's British Pub on Mon-Wed.

I imagine most attendees wouldn't want to Uber/Bus their way out too far.


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    SplintershieldSplintershield Registered User regular
    OMG I am interested. I want to walk in there in my Hunter cosplay and then sing some silly goofy song and everyone will be ROLLING

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    CurvyKittyKatCurvyKittyKat Registered User regular
    I'm super interested!

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    'T''T' King in the North BostonRegistered User regular
    I am intrigued.

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    sirenasirena Registered User regular
    Hey, local here who loves karaoke. There isn't much karaoke downtown at all, sorry :( Most of it is in the 410 north corridor. The best place IMHO is at The Lost Bar on NW Military on Friday nights.

    Uber is handy if you want to leave downtown. Only a 15-20 min drive to everywhere else in the city.

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    'Pilot''Pilot' VR [E] Within arms reach of my phoneRegistered User new member
    You've got my attention...

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