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Advice Regarding T-Shirt Size from PA

LejicLejic Registered User regular
Alright, so I need some advice and am hoping one you kind souls will be able to help me out!

I bought the "This is a co-op game but I'm winning" t-shirt in Medium and it fit perfectly. When it first came, after I washed it, the whole time. But then I got the Fukubukuro last year and the two Medium shirts that came with it ("Girls gone Feywild" and "Portal loop") were way, way too small. I mean physically they fit I guess but I was so uncomfortable in them!

So now I am worried about getting anything else. If I get a Large and it's too baggy, it would be just as annoying for me personally. I want to buy a few t-shirts but I wouldn't be able to return anything since the import/export fees just aren't worth it.

Has anybody had similar experience with different shirts (ladies')? I am specifically wondering if any of these have a similar fit to the "This is a co-op game" t-shirt:

1. "I feel shame as a minor action"
2. "Rhombus"
3. "I will laugh at you"
4. "Stream like nobody's watching"

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