Upgrading a tablet while considering case options for security and durability

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So I currently use a LG G pad 7.0 tablet. It's a definite budget item, and it's starting to show its age. It can't handle big games at all, and even simple ones crash after a short time running. It's also started to degenerate, and can't run games it previously had little problem running. So I'm looking to upgrade. I also use it for internet browsing and chat functions.

Fast forward past my search, and I'd like to switch to the Google Pixel C tablet. However, poking around the Internet, I can't say I'm really satisfied with any of the case options.

For my LG G7, I currently use a fully enclosed case, which I've been very happy with. It's a combination case and screen protector (the two pieces interlock to form a seal), and it's been extremely resistant to occasional drops and normal wear and tear, up to accidentally dropping a steak knife, point down, on the screen, only have the screen protector be damaged, with the actual tablet screen being AOK 100%.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything at all like this for the Pixel C tablet. I've been to several review sites, but most of them list the same handful of cases in different orders, a la here.

My questions boil down to these:

Is this really the only case offerings, or does someone know of a sturdier kind for this kind of tablet?
Are my fears unfounded and these cases actually are probably okay for this particular model of tablet?
Should I look for a different model of tablet with a sturdier case option?
Should I give up on getting a heavy duty case/screen protector, because no desirable tablet models have desirable cases to match?

Any opinions would be most welcome!

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