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[noclip] Danny O'Dwyer's Dapper Documentaries (Full DOOM doc up now)

CenoCeno pizza timeRegistered User regular
edited December 2016 in Social Entropy++
I've always loved articles or videos that delved deeply into games. Danny O'Dwyer has started noclip, a patron-funded channel that focuses on making well-produced video game documentaries that really show how the sausage is made. Danny did a fantastic three-part series on Overwatch while he was at Gamespot, and that was apparently so successful that he's moved on to do them full time. His first series on noclip focused on the making of Rocket League.

His next series starts next week, a three-parter exhaustively talking about the new DOOM.

I just wanted to put up a dedicated space to talk about this stuff, since I know I'll be watching all of it. Join me, won't you.

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