Iphone 5 Photo import issues - Windows 7

CorvusCorvus .VancouverRegistered User regular
Hi folks, wondering if anyone can suggest a reliable solution for importing photos and videos from my wife's iphone to our Win 7 laptop.

I am currently using Windows Live Photo Gallery to do the import, but that I am finding is that there are files with errors it does not want to import, however, I don't get a summary of what files are skipped. As almost everything we're trying to import are photos and videos of our baby boy, I don't want to miss anything!

It is relatively small iphone with only 16 gb of storage and her icloud storage is full.

Is there a better photo import utility I could use? Apple's support pages largely just lead me to stuff about their icloud software, but I'm not sure that will actually let me import to our hard drive, which is what I prefer to do.




  • BasarBasar IstanbulRegistered User regular
    Not really a solution but you can download Google Photos to your wife's iphone, run it and it will sync all the photos on the phone with your Google Account. This way you can be sure that you haven't missed any photos.

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  • djmitchelladjmitchella Registered User regular
    Theoretically the phone should just show up in Windows Explorer as "someone's iPhone", and from there you can get to a folder structure of images that you can copy off manually; make sure you unlock the phone after connecting it, and that you hit 'trust' on the phone, but that ought to be enough.

    If that doesn't work for whatever reason (you may have to install some drivers / apple itunes support service, it's been a while), then you could also try emailing the photos from the phone to yourself -- it's slow and painful, but it's another way to get them off the phone.

  • hsuhsu Registered User regular
    Windows explorer works just fine. If iTunes can see your iPhone, then Windows explorer can open it just like a hard drive.

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