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Agree page incomplete for some users

OrcaOrca Also known as EspressosaurusWrexRegistered User regular
For some users, their Agree page is not listing all agrees. E.g. Albino Bunny has 4 agreed comments listed and no next button, but 7.4K total agrees (last item on the list December 16th). Wyvern shows 4 agreed comments listed and no next button, but 4.1K agreed (last item on the list December 18th). My own page has 2 items listed with the last item from December 27th. Maddoc's last agree item is dated December 26th despite 30K agrees.


  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    This is a bug but not a very important one so I'm not going to hassle Icy to investigate. Nothing is missing and the counts are right, and no one goes back all the way through their reaction history anyway. It'll be unnoticeable in a few weeks as more reactions stack up.

  • PowerpuppiesPowerpuppies drinking coffee in the mountain cabinRegistered User regular
    There's a workaround... Edit the url to manually set the page (?page=p2 or &page=p2 if there's already a question mark). If you jump back to a page that doesn't have a post blocked by permissions issues, it should load as normal.

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