Need help calibrating subwoofer

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So, I got myself a new AV receiver, a Sony STR-DN1070. Everything's working fine after I set it up, using the system's auto-calibration - except when we watched Godzilla yesterday, I'm pretty sure I ended up bleeding from my ears. It sounded awesome but also way too bass-heavy.

Obviously I could just lower the volume for my subwoofer, but I don't want to just do something at random, watch another movie, adjust at random again, repeat ad nauseam. I'd like to be a bit more systematic about it. So I wanted to ask if there are any general tips and tricks on how to calibrate a subwoofer. Are there any videos available online that work well as a reference? Is there anything else that can commonly be done in an AV receiver's setup that help with an overpowering subwoofer? Would the receiver's "sound fields" actually help? (As a default I prefer to have both video and audio processed as little as possible by the receiver and TV.)

Edit: With questions like these I'm never quite sure if Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern is the right place, or whether I should use the "Help / Advice Forum" instead...

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