PAX Arena

jarAGGIE05jarAGGIE05 Registered User new member
After looking over the schedule for this year's PAX South, I didn't see anything about there being a PAX Arena. Has anyone heard of there will be a PAX Arena this year or not?


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    AlleykatdenAlleykatden Registered User regular
    Pax arena is on the map in the app so I think that means its got to be there.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    There is absolutely a PAX Arena for South. I have no idea what will be IN said arena, but it's there!

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    macrogeekmacrogeek Registered User regular
    Arena's schedule gets announced late because a lot of it is determined by the exhibitors who have booths there. My experience at East is that public facing stuff usually happens early, so qualifiers or free play in the AM, and bigger draw events and broadcasts in afternoon and evening. General rule for any pax competitive event if they allow the public to sign up, get there first thing and get on the list.

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