Taxi, Lyft or Uber

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Hey Folks,

Flying in for PAX South. Which one would people recommend for getting around town? Where I'm from we don't have ride shares.

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    As a followup to the same question, does the San Antonio airport allow ride shares to pick up rides for Uber/Lyft? I know in Boston only Uber XL and higher are allowed to initiate rides from the airport (the cab companies have pretty good lobbyists in that city apparently).

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    PotatoemanPotatoeman Registered User regular
    I use Uber anytime I need to get a ride. I used Uber when I got home to the airport from West last year without an issue. It was not an XL

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    macbittmacbitt Atlanta, GARegistered User regular
    For getting around town that depends on where you're going. I have some general info posted here.

    Uber and Lyft are both authorized for the San Antonio airport, so they are a good choice for getting to your hotel. When you request a pick up the app will instruct you to go to the designated pickup area, a bit further down than the taxis. My very first Uber was at PAX South 2015. My driver asked why I was in town, then got excited and told me he had been developing his own board game but hadn't heard of PAX. I like to think he'll be an exhibitor one of these years.

    If you're going less than a mile from your hotel consider walking. There are good sidewalks and crosswalks throughout downtown, the weather looks to be nice this weekend, and walking back to the hotel will be easier than trying to secure a ride at the end of the day with others doing the same. Otherwise Uber/Lyft again are great for getting around town.

    If you're sticking to the River Walk there is the Rio Taxi, a water taxi that goes up and down the waterway by the convention center.

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