Wifi purchasable?

MurfMurf Registered User regular
I never been to a PAX, was curious if there is any kind of WiFi plan that can be purchased while I'm there? Seems like cell phones don't have much luck inside the center.


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    VmKidVmKid Gone Bananas Shuggazoom CityRegistered User regular
    edited January 2017
    In my experience, WiFi is free in the convention center, although with the sheer volume of people trying to use it, it may not be the fastest.

    (Also, for the future, you might want to post this in the Q&A thread.)

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    macbittmacbitt Atlanta, GARegistered User regular
    The convention center has free Wi-Fi in the lobbies and cafes, but not in the event space. For sale Wi-Fi is for exhibitors, you have to submit an order form in advance and pricing starts at $1000.

    I have some tips on getting the best connection you can while at PAX here. Biggest tip is to drop your phone's data connect from LTE to 4G.

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    MurfMurf Registered User regular
    Thanks for the info!

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