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Developing, Implementing and Deploying PAX

CheyenneWayCheyenneWay Registered User regular
So i've done the max/min two searches containing the following criteria "How to start a PAX" and "Create PAX" with zero results. Now it's time I unleash my question unto thee! Let's just start by saying that I've never been to a PAX and it's been a dream of mine since they started. Many days me and several college friends in our mid 20's would dream of road tripping to Seattle to bathe in the penny arcades and swag bags at the well promoted PAX whilst perusing the weekly comedic supplements provide by jerry and mike. We never did.

Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to institute a PAX near a large metropolitan area that is untapped!? I'm not sure how to initiate that conversation but i'm sure there is a channel for this type of thing. Can anyone direct me towards an outlet so I can at least have a shot of having my dreams crushed again? It's healthy.

Thanks peeps, can't believe i've been a member for 14 years and never really talked to anyone nor posted. Better late!

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