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PAX South 2018 Wish List

ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping NinjaHouston-ishRegistered User regular
Not that I have any ability to steer the staff towards our interests, but I am mostly just curious what everyone would like to see next year.

For me, I think I would like to have:
-Storytime with Amy Hennig
-Expo hall with Supergiant Games, Square Enix, Naughty Dog, Fullbright (if they have something in the works), and Campo Santo
-Tabletop with CAH (and a South pack), IDW Games, and a larger Looney Labs setup
-Panel with Harmontown live, since they have the D&D connection, lots of Rick & Morty fans, and Dan Harmon is a pretty big gamer. He could even join in on Acquisitions Inc.
-Concerts with Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants (longshot)



  • StupidGingerStupidGinger Registered User new member
    Stealing your post format and outlandish, over the moon wishful thinking.
    -Storytime with Patrick Rothfuss
    -Expo hall with double fine, telltale, bioware, blizzard
    -Tabletop with wotc, guillotine games
    -Panels Bioware or telltale on dynamic story telling, more developer QAs
    -Concerts with The darkest of the hillside thickets, bit shifter, bring frontalot back.
    -PAX XP station narrative tie in to one of the comic runs like Armageddon or rainslick

  • PuritysanPuritysan thePuritysan San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    -the return of markiplier, and friends
    --wade, Bob, Ethan, possibly jacksepticeye
    - more jackbox panels!! Maybe even a tournament?? 8)
    - a posted schedule for the jackboxstage
    - more youtubers
    - more autograph sessions
    - maybe voice actors from video games??
    That's all I can think of lmao

  • panicatthedeathclawpanicatthedeathclaw San Antonio, TexasRegistered User new member
    Okay, so it might be a good idea to include the locations of the elevators on the maps, not just escalators, since one elevator was hidden behind a bunch of curtains and other stuff, with that being the only elevator in the expo hall.

    There was a lot of good on the maps. Just just missing the elevators.

  • ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping Ninja Houston-ishRegistered User regular
    Puritysan wrote: »
    - maybe voice actors from video games??

    Voice actors would be pretty great, they usually have the best stories at their panels!

  • ElectropowElectropow Master of Da Ways Registered User regular
    Getting camera/video feed of those on stage on the projectors at panels. Always got stuck behind tall people and in the back, and can never see the stage, but have a clear view of the useless projectors just showing the PAX logo. A lot of these are being streamed to twitch already, I would like to think that this should not be too difficult.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    since there's a very high chance of show feedback mixing with just general "I wish so and so were here" let's keep feedback to for now since that is likely fresh on people's minds. Don't want to split the information.

    Maybe make a new thread that is "who or what games would you like to see in 2018?" to further distinguish the difference.


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