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Party Costume [urgent?]

SeñorAmorSeñorAmor !!!Registered User regular
I need help finding a costume for my wife's work Christmas party this weekend. This year's theme is "Old timey carnival".

I could just wear a suit, but I've got a bit of a reputation for wearing funky costumes. Last year I was told in no uncertain terms by the owner of the company that they were disappointed I didn't dress up. I do not want to disappoint this year.

I've put this thing off till the last minute as I am wont to do, but if I can find a costume on Amazon, I can take advantage of my Prime membership and get free 2 day shipping.

So, I'm asking you all for help. Please help me find an awesome costume (preferably uncommon) that I can get to wear this weekend. I'd like to keep it under $50 if possible, but I'll spend more on a rad costume if it's worth the extra cash.

Thanks in advance. :)


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