Anyone want to help me out with a survey for an arcade industry article I am writing?

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So I'm writing 2 articles about the Nintendo Switch, and PAXSouth in general as they relate to the arcade industry.
The link to the Google Form is pinned at the top of my Twitter profile. (Same as my screen name here).
Please help me out, take a look at it, and fill it out. If you can RT, and circulate it to your friends, all the better.
Thanks in advance!

I've spoken to tons of people at PAX South, and they all pretty much say the same thing. They loved arcades, want to see arcades come back/evolve etc.

I'm writing this article for the trade magazine of the arcade industry. Manufacturers, Distributors, operators, etc. are the reader base.
If I've learned one thing in business, it's that data/numbers drive business. I convinced a $2B business to change things via field survey, and solid data crunching.

I need your help to gather serious, honest data about what people want to see from arcades.

IMHO, arcades can evolve, and make a major resurgence. Some of the things I'd love to see? (In no particular order)

A. Profile Persistent gamer profile/progress, characterization, and customization. Imagine scanning a smart tag or your phone, and it loads your customized character, settings, progress, etc. up and you can jump right into playing. If McDonald's can do it? So can we.

B. VR/AR Arcades were one of the first places the public could see VR. Technically, we are on the 3rd gen of VR. It's gotten crazy cheap and so much better.
But it's still expensive, which is a huge barrier for entry. It's also intimidating to the average non gamer. It needs a big area to protect the person playing, as well as the people watching. Having someone help you get ready, and coach you through are a big help. Being able to play as long as you want is also nice. The manufacturer's I've spoken with like the idea too.

C. eSports This is a major opportunity. Local qualifying tourneys, boot camps/minor leagues/training, and more awareness. I remember Street Fighter Tournaments at my local arcades. Most of the good games at PAX South drew huge, cheering crowds. Not everyone can afford a superior gaming rig/setup. So a standardized tourney rig with a nice high speed connection, or LAN could help a lot of people prep, or get to the next level. Having a location where you can get together with your friends and practice, have fun, and maybe win some money sounds good to me.

D. Streaming Streaming has quickly become the go to information/recommendation source for a crazy amount of people. People trust streamers more than ads, magazine reviews, and even websites. Businesses have definitely taken notice of this. Making it easy for people to come in and stream their experience should be baked in to new arcade games.

E. Unique Experiences Not everyone has every console, a gaming ready PC/laptop, or money for every game. Who here would love to play Mario Kart or Street Fighter vs Capcom Infinite or a huge 50-80" screen on a high end controller? What about the ability to get more of the story to one of your favorite franchises, secret levels, epic loot, missions, or another unique experience at an arcade? Anyone remember the Battletech Pods a few years back? You sat down, slid the door shut, and you were sitting at the controls of a giant Mech. Imagine Dreadnought as a similar set up. Screens that wrap around giving you a larger field of view. The Seat shakes when you move, shoot, or take damage. Warning Lights flash and smoke comes into the pod when your ship is damaged. You can communicate with your teammates over a built in comm system. And all the controls are actual controls, not just a few buttons and a mouse.

F. New, fun content There were an amazing number of indie games at PAX South that would make amazing arcade games. Dual Stick Shooters, Fighting games, side scrolling brawlers, FPS, and new experiences. I want to make a platform where these games can easily get into the arcades, and you can go have fun playing them. (If you saw an amazing game at PAX South, let me know in the survey. I know I didn't see or play everything.

Just a few thoughts that I've had percolating since last PAX. Got better ones? This survey is your chance to let them be known. I'm sending it to the developers, companies, and exhibitors I spoke with at PAX South. 99% of them loved the idea.

Here's your chance fellow gamers. Let your voice be heard by the decision makers in the arcade industry. Help it evolve and prosper.


tldr; Take the survey in my profile please!

If a mod approves it, I'll post the link directly to the survey, but until then...

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