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Gluten-Free Food near PAX East?

fancyteacupfancyteacup Registered User new member
My boyfriend and I will be attending PAX East for the first time this year. He has celiac disease, and I just was wondering if anyone knew of any good gluten-free options near and around PAX East? We'll be driving into the city, so if you know of any places that are a little further from the con, I'd love to know about those too!

Bonus points for gluten-free pizza; we're kind of on a quest to find the best gluten-free pizza out there!


  • coflroptercoflropter Registered User regular
    edited February 2017
    There is a new Restaurant opening called By Chloe. It's entirely vegan, and does have GF items. At least the ones in NYC do. The menu for the Boston location hasn't been put out there yet.

    Walnut Grille, all the way out in Newton also does Gluten Free.

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  • caitlin147caitlin147 Registered User regular
    I have celiac's as well so I'll tell you my favorite ones.

    California Pizza Kitchen (in the mall about 10 mins away) is FANTASTIC with gluten free. The pizza tastes great and they are very careful to avoid cross contamination. We eat there at least once per PAX and usually take a to-go pizza for a midnight snack.

    Legal Seafoods, as someone suggested, has options as well. I havent' been there in years but they were very careful 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed.

    Chipotle is great about changing gloves + getting new spoons if you mention a food allergy. I've never had a reaction from eating there.

    Last year I discovered that the pub in the Westin hotel has gluten free options. They probably aren't perfect about cross contamination since I had some bloating and gas pains afterwards. That being said when there is any actual amounts of gluten (rather than cross contamination) I vomit for hours so it's his calll if he wants to give them a try. Excuse the TMI, just trying to help!!

    I definitely recommend bringing lunch foods at least or even breakfast as well. Most hotel rooms should have a fridge so I bring cereal and sandwich ingredients so I only need to worry about 1 meal per day (dinner). This allows me to eat safely without limiting the options of my friends and boyfriend (none of them ever complain but I feel bad saying "well here are our 3 restaurant choices"). Plus bringing lunch is cheaper and means you don't have to leave the convention!!

  • sadiekatesadiekate Registered User new member
    I also have Celiac and live in Boston. I use FindMeGlutenFree all the time because it has detailed descriptions of what kind of GF food you can expect at a given location, and whether other people have had good experience with the food and its preparation. The mobile apps let you filter and search by name, so quite useful on the go.

    I always bring my own lunch into the convention, usually some GF sandwiches or a chef salad. The convention center offers some GF options in their food court, but they are from the same super busy line as the glutenous food. The snack carts on the outer edges of the upper levels will usually have chips, popcorn, or a prepackaged snack bar if you really need something safe to eat without leaving the con.

    For dinner near the convention I always make a reservation a few hours in advance. Any of the Legal Seafood family of restaurants (Legal Seafood $$$, Legal Harborside $$$$) is great because they have gluten-free deep fryers so a huge portion of the menu is open to celiacs. I've also done Rosa Mexicano and Sportello during the convention without issue.

    And if you don't mind a walk over a bridge in what might be quite cold weather, Nebo (On Atlantic Ave near Congress St) is one of my favorite GF friendly places in Boston. Pizza, zucchini lazagna, chocolate cake are all fantastic.

  • OakpunkOakpunk Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Flour Bakery is really good and they have Gluten-Free options. They aren't too far from the BCEC and is great for breakfast! I highly recommend them, I used to work a street over from them, a very dangerous distance for someone trying to watch their weight.

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