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Lupo539Lupo539 Registered User new member
I see the schedule has been released and there are some really awesome console tournaments, will there happen to be details on them at some point? hopefully some of the tournaments (halo, strikers, rocket league, etc) will be 2v2 possibly?


  • MephistoN7MephistoN7 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Keene, NHRegistered User regular
    The details are typically day of during signups. Traditionally, most tournaments aren't co-op, or if they are would be full team (ie. 16 player, 4v4v4v4). I can't recall in the past on 2v2, but not saying there wasn't or couldn't be. :)


  • jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    I've never thought about the console tournaments before, but my son is interested in the Bomberman tournament. So we can't find out what version of the game it is and what console until the day of?

  • DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    The guy running the tournament usually posts something about it on the forums here like a week beforehand or so. Just based on the past I don't think I've ever seen a 2 player team tournament. Always FFA or 1 person teams. Also it says bomberman live. So that's the Xbox 360 version.

  • jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    Sorry, DanQ, I didn't notice that. We both saw just "Bomberman" and got excited, hehe.

  • lrjunior03lrjunior03 Registered User regular
    how do you sign up for a console tournament?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    lrjunior03 wrote: »
    how do you sign up for a console tournament?
    Show up to the console tourney area the morning of the tournament and look for the sign ups. A friendly enforcer should be able to help you find it once you're there.

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