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[BSG] Daybreak Game 3 Turn 15: Gaius Baltar (Daemonis)



  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    Daemonis wrote: »
    Hm... Do we trust mr Preda?

    At this point I honestly don't know. Toss up between XO'ing him and hopping on the main batteries to shoot up raiders since you're already on Pegasus. Or if you have some secret special action to do.

  • DaemonisDaemonis Registered User regular
    Leadership 1 - Executive Order to L. Katrain

  • PredaPreda Registered User regular
    Move to Hangar deck. Jump myself on a MkII in Port Bow. With the Jump out extra action I play my Piloting 3 - Maximum Firepower. Fire on 4 raider.
    @Korsakovia to resolve and go to crisis.

  • KorsakoviaKorsakovia technoDaleks Registered User regular
    Geth roll 4d8

    4d8 16 [4d8=5, 6, 1, 4]

  • KorsakoviaKorsakovia technoDaleks Registered User regular
    edited June 22
    That's 3 Raiders down.

    Crisis is
    CAG @Phyphor must choose:
    A) All vipers in space areas are returned to the "Reserves". All characters who were piloting vipers are placed in the "Hangar Deck". Increase the Pursuit track by 1.
    B) Activate Basestars, Activate Raiders, Activate Heavy Raiders

    After Crisis: Launch Raiders

    Korsakovia on
  • PredaPreda Registered User regular
    I can't stay in the same space areaduring my turn, so for me being sent to hangar deck is good. But it's really bad for Phyphor and for pursue track (we'll have to place a civilian in an akward place). If we plan to let the cylon fire, I'll probably be able to soak the damage witout going down, but than I can't stay in the space to stop either the raiders or the heavy raider later, exluding extreme mesures.

  • HedgethornHedgethorn Associate Professor of Historical Hobby Horses In the Lions' DenRegistered User regular
    Genuinely not sure which is the better option here, but I'd lean toward A to prevent all those Cylon ship activations.

    Preda will have another turn, and then on my turn I can perhaps EO Phyphor or use Hoshi's ability on Command to get four unmanned viper activations, whichever would help more.

  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    I'll go with B

    Magic Box
    Academician Prokhor "Phyphor" Zakharov, Chief Scientist of China, Provost of the University of Planet - SE++ Megagame
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