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Games @ Pax

Draco3269Draco3269 regularRegistered User regular
With Pax a few days away what games/events are everyone looking forward to?


  • VermillionDeVermillionDe regular Registered User regular
    Definitely going to hit up the microsoft booth to play their Andromeda preview. Newegg is hosting the Vive and Occulus (and for some reason a new FPV racing drone). I'd like to get my hands on a PSVR as I had to skip that one last year. We'll see if I have the wherewithal to stand in all those lines.

  • TemigTemig East [E] North Shore - MARegistered User regular
    @VermillionDe - Don't forget that PAX itself also has VR Freeplay that you can sign up for. While it was new last East, it's been running at every show since and I've heard good things! As far as I know only Vive and Occulus there, and the sign-ups may go quickly, but it's another option for you depending on how many setups Newegg has. Lines are one of those unfortunate aspects of PAX that are simply unavoidable when there's so many people with similar interests all gathered together... but that's also just what makes PAX so awesome!

  • Draco3269Draco3269 regular Registered User regular
    @Temig I never knew that, that will be worth checking out.

  • VermillionDeVermillionDe regular Registered User regular
    @Temig Huh, do you know where that's going to be happening? I didn't realize it would be that much more accessible this year. I have a buddy going to PAX for the first time and I'd love to get him on a coop Vive game for Raw Data.

  • zerzhulzerzhul mod Registered User, Moderator mod
    VR Freeplay is in the PC area, adjacent to the expo hall.

  • TemigTemig East [E] North Shore - MARegistered User regular
    Looks like zerzhul got you covered!
    I'll just reiterate that from what I've heard the signups do tend to fill up quickly. It's not my department so I'm not really sure how the signups themselves are done, but @Beker might see this and be able to fill you in with a more detailed "How VR Freeplay Works" if he's not too busy getting it all set up for everyone to enjoy!

  • zerzhulzerzhul mod Registered User, Moderator mod has the info from beker on VR. Discussion regarding that is probably best tossed in that thread :)

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