PAX East Community Meetups and Handouts

evanephrineevanephrine ev-an-eff-rinnSeattle, WARegistered User regular
Hey everyone, I'm sure you've seen on the schedule by now but just a reminder that we're having community trading meetups at East again this year! Also making its East debut are the handouts that started up at West. They should be available it most pin-based locations and events, and just in case you don't know what to look for, here they are in all their glory: Outside, Inside

Anyway quick rundown of the meetups:
Friday: Queue Hall, 3:30pm
Saturday: Queue Hall, 1:00pm
Sunday: SE 2nd Floor Lobby (Top of the escalators by Condor), 3:00pm

Yes Sunday is in a different location and not on the official schedule like the other two days, but we've survived that before! Just keep an eye out for the banner and everything will be hunky dory. Hopefully everyone will be able to make at least one of the meetups throughout the weekend. Enjoy East folks, and happy trading.


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