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Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protector help

deathnote666deathnote666 Registered User regular
edited March 9 in Help / Advice Forum
Anyone know of a good glass screen protector that covers the entire screen on a regular Samsung Galaxy S7, with no loss of screen sensitivity, and works with cases?

Not the ones that end a sliver within the edge of the screen due to the slight curve of it (not to be confused with the S7 edge). I tired one once that was supposed to compensate for the curve but only had adhesive on the outer edge and literally fell off.

I've got one on my galaxy S5 that looks like it didn't use adhesive though and the whole thing sticks to the screen so something like that if available..

Hoping to avoid a plastic film protector since I am happier with my glass one on my S5 than I ever was with plastic ones on other phones.

If you don't know of any full coverage protectors, what would you recommend for a regular glass screen protector that adheres to the whole surface where it doesn't cover the edges? How noticeable/distracting is it on the edges of the screen?


deathnote666 on
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