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Pax Swag Trading!

PPAPPPAP Registered User regular
Hey Guys and Gals... Was looking to try to start up a trading post for all Swag not just a specific category! You can post here [w] your wanted items and [h] the items you have to trade away. Hopefully we can get this ball rolling


  • PPAPPPAP Registered User regular
    [w] H1Z1 code and Dead by daylight code / [h] pinny pins, shirts, lanyards, Nintendo pins, twitch swag, mass effect weapon pack codes, gwent codes, lawbreaker codes, and much more swag

  • Freelantzer Freelantzer Registered User new member
    WTT: large red pax hoodie from east for a medium. Accidentally got too big a size.

  • tigergenetigergene Registered User new member
    I have a Before the Storm - Cardboard Tube Samurai from SDCC 2007. Signed.

    Just looking to see if anyone is interested in it?


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