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Pinny Pals: After Dark FAQ and discussion thread

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  • adambargadambarg Forward the Pinglorious Basterds!Registered User regular
    Pinny Pals After Dark: Mixtape Presents: Pinny Pals Got Talent Songwriting Contest

    Have you ever wanted to express your feelings about Penny Arcade and Pinny Arcade in song form? Pinter got you singing the blues? Well you’re in luck, PPAD is hosting the first ever parody songwriting contest. Put your creativity to work and set it to the beat of a drum that someone else has already recorded!

    The Rules:
    1. Songs may be submitted until May 1st 2017
    2. Please try to find an acceptable karaoke track for the song you wish to parody. Most suitable karaoke tracks are available on YouTube. If you need help determining if a track will work, just ask and we will help you determine if it’s viable.
    3. You only need to submit your parody lyrics, singing is not required. Please email them to pinnypalsafterdark@gmail.com
    4. You may enter as many songs as you would like.
    5. A panel of PPAD judges will select their favorite songs and share them with the community.

    Why should I care about your dumb contest?
    This is a fun community event that gives everyone a chance to express themselves and share their creative work with the community. It’s also a chance to win FABULOUS PRIZES! We will be awarding prizes for the top 3 selected entries. Specific prizes TBD, but the first place winner will receive the community member created Exclusivo! pin.

    Q: Do I need to sing the song?
    A: Nope, just write it! (there may be a vocal contest later for those out there with melodious talents, or at least the courage to record themselves)

    Q: Where do I send my parody song lyrics?
    A: That email again is pinnypalsafterdark@gmail.com. Make sure to include your forum and slack name so we can attribute your submission to you.

    Q: What should I make a parody song about?
    A: Anything you want, as long as it’s Pinny Pals or Penny Arcade related. Let your passion be your muse! For examples of previous parody songs from the community, check out the Pinny Pals After Dark Youtube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you’re there!

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