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E3 is open to the public!

DruidsFlameDruidsFlame Registered User regular
I wonder if people will be buying tickets to go to that and there will be a slightly less of a rush for PAX Prime West tickets this year as a result.

I doubt it will make a dent but one can only hope! :D

I was contemplating it myself but it would have been about $1000 more for me so it was a no go. Hopefully they let it be open next year.


  • ctiwolfctiwolf Registered User regular
    Ive been to e3 and even if you can go and see everything you werent allowed to demo unless you were in a news group or show. That was awhile ago but id assume it is the same

  • jamsyarbotsjamsyarbots Wilmington, DERegistered User regular
    It's my opinion (and this is pure speculation) that they're opening E3 to the public because the number of attending companies has started to dwindle. By opening the show floor to the public they hope to entice those companies into returning with the promise of reaching out to their audience directly. Unfortunately, many publishers and developers have discovered that they can reach their audience on their own terms by holding stand alone press conferences, i.e. Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bethesda. Combine that with the fact that E3 has been an industry only show for so long now that events like PAX draw a larger crowd of indie devs and gamers who ordinarily wouldn't have the ability to attend E3.
    Part of the appeal of PAX for attendees and various video game companies is that its been available to the public since it's inception, so for the most part it already does what a public E3 would hope to do.

  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Registered User regular
    Naw, I've been to E3 a few times as a game developer, anyone can demo a game, unless it's a special behind-closed-doors kinda thing. Though the press does generally get preferential treatment - like, at the Wii E3 Nintendo let the press into the Wii area without waiting in the multi-hour line everyone else was in.

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