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Very high DPC Latency spikes from ataport.sys after clean Windows 7 SP1 install. Need Help

LehmanLehman Registered User regular
Alright, last Tuesday I was playing some Overwatch/PlayerUnknown BG and everything was running fine/stable fps when gaming on my PC. The next morning I woke up and caught a glimpse of my system going through a bunch of files saying they were corrupt and being deleted. By the time I sat down my system was trying to boot windows but it was giving me an error saying there was no OS found and I couldn't boot into windows. We had a terrible thunderstorm Tuesday/early Wed and I know that my computer is set to do the windows updates at 2:00am Wednesday morning so I thought that maybe the power shut off to my PC while windows was doing a system update. I have my OS on an SSD and I have a mechanical that I use for pretty much everything else so we went ahead and reinstalled windows 7 sp1. After updating all my drivers and downloading the few things I lost on my SSD everything seemed fine until I started playing Overwatch. My framerate and performance was stable as always however every few minutes I would get a bad stutter that effected audio/fps/video that I was not getting before. Sometimes I could go 5 minutes without it happening and then other times it would happen a couple times a minute. My intial thought was that something came unplugged when we pulled the SSD or got into the path of one of my GPU fans and I was experiencing overheating but after using HWmonitor to keep track of my temps while gaming the cpu/gpu temp was fine and my CPU load wasn't spiking to 100% or anything like that. After some google, I figured I was experiencing some DPC Latency spikes and when I downloaded LatencyMon and DPCLat I was getting a huge spike in dpc latency when the stuttering did occur. When I ran LatencyMon it was picking up spikes from ataport.sys and that driver also had the highest execution times and everything else seemed normal. I followed LatencyMon's instructions and started disabling devices one at a time(sound card/network card etc) but was still experiencing the spikes and have not figured out the cause of the problem. I'm not sure where to go from here and I am almost wondering if one of my drives are failing, possibly the SSD which could explain what caused the initial problem of me having to reinstall Windows 7. The one other thing I will mention that is probably of importance is that since the reinstall is I have got a boot error: No OS found but once I restart the PC windows has booted up fine. Long story short, I am at a loss at what to do next and looking for some assistance in figuring out my issue.

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