Exporting Microsoft Edge Favorites/Bookmarks

WaterfallSandSunWaterfallSandSun Registered User regular
There is no option to export favorites directly through Edge's interface.

...Really? Strike one.

So I tried a workaround and tried to import it to Chrome first then exporting it with Chrome to an .htm file, only problem is that it doesn't let me do that either. It will say import complete or whatever with Chrome then nothing shows in the favorites.

...Rly? Strike two.

Tried google'ing for solutions, and only found mostly older posts from a time when there was an "export" button on Edge, or some guy who made an .exe file for that purpose, which is also from posts a year or older ago.

...?! Three.

What the %#!* ?

Solution(s)? Thanks.


  • WaterfallSandSunWaterfallSandSun Registered User regular
    Nevermind, I found a solution (looks like I have downloaded a program in the past specifically for this purpose hidden away in one of my folders), but it is still ridiculous that this is even required for such a task.

    Tried to find a way to delete this thread but didn't see the option to.

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    neeevermind, I missed a line of your post.

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