Secondary monitor only outputs in grayscale? Help!

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I have a 7900GT with a CRT TV as my secondary monitor (via the HDTV out thing on the video card). Using the S-Video out, it displays in color just fine. However, if I use the component-out, the image I get on my TV is in grayscale. Can someone help me correct this? I can't seem to find any settings that would help.

Edit: Upon further investigation, I've found an option called "change the signal or HD format" - when I go into this, it seems to think that component is only to be used for HDTVs. My CRT is not an HDTV. When I select 480i output over component, I get nothing on my TV. When I select S-Video output, I get greyscale output over component on my TV (the S-video cable is not even hooked up). I have no idea what is going on. I know I've gotten correct output over component on my TV before, and I'd like to do it again.

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