Biofeedback, anyone?

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Has anyone here had experience with biofeedback training? Was it effective for your particular condition?

I have heard that it can be somewhat successful for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). I'm about average weight, but my hands and feet are always clammy and I can't wear flipflops for too long or they begin to smell. The prescription drugs cost too much and are too much hassle. I used to always sweat excessively under my arms but it isn't as bad now that I'm more in shape (I used to be about 50 pounds heavier). I know that I've had hyperhydrosis since I was a child, because my hands would get irritated and peel semi-annually from being too moist. That hasn't happened in a while, perhaps because I am less stressed out and overall more healthy, but also perhaps because I am older.

At any rate, I was thinking of either training myself in biofeedback or finding someone to train me, if it may be effective. Comments? Experiences?

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    Have you ever been tested for diabetes?

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    Not to my knowledge, although my dad and his father both had a late in life onset of type 2 diabetes. My aunt on my mother's side had a similar problem with her hands peeling when she was younger, although I'm not sure if she shows any signs of hyperhydrosis.

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    Get tested for diabetes. You have the genetic potential for it at least.

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