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Price of two PAX AUS Pins?

LyraiLyrai Registered User new member
So last time I posted here I got good advice on selling my pin collection, so...I figured I'd ask again. I have two PAX AUS Pins that I can't get a good price for.

The "Early Bird 2016 Australia Pax" and the Polygon Green Cross LE pin. Bills need to be paid, so...yeah. I'm told eBay is the good place for this, but I can't find any sort of reputable source of how much I should list them for.


  • Spokane_SnowManSpokane_SnowMan Registered User regular
    eBay allows you to check current AND sold listings. Sold listings will usually give you a better idea of what people are willing to pay.

    Early Bird shows one for sale for $40 that has also sold 6 others at that price.
    AUS Poly shoes one sold for $34 with more available in that price range.

    If you aren't in it already, check out the Pinny Pal slack chat. Someone may be interested in there.

  • LyraiLyrai Registered User new member sorry, but I have no idea what a slack chat is. I am interested, though.

  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    edited May 2017
    Lyrai wrote: » sorry, but I have no idea what a slack chat is. I am interested, though.

    Slack is a collaboration tool for business, but it's free so people use it as a social media tool. You can get an invite to the the Pinny Pals channel here:
    After you join, enter the "trade" channel, it's probably the best place to ask this kind of question.

    YoungFrey on
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