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West 2017 Room Shares

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
Post here if you are looking to share your room, or looking for a room to share. Please keep your posts up to date!


You get ONE post in this thread per UNIQUE room share situation. Do not re-post your offer/request. Re-posts will be deleted if not pre-approved by moderation staff.

If you need to modify your post and cannot edit it yourself (accounts below a certain participation threshold), PM me and I will make the edit for you. Not having permission to edit is not a valid excuse for re-posting.

If you *really* think you have a good reason to post for a second time, PM me first.


If you have a room and want to fill space, use this format:



Total Cost:
Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Number of Spots Available:
My Gender
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes/Requests:


If you are looking for a place to sleep, use this format:


Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Spots Needed:
My Gender:
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes:


I will occasionally cull posts from the thread that have been struck out or marked as no longer valid. I will try to do this as necessary, but there will not be a hard schedule for this purpose. This will mean that there should not be a wall of inactive posts to sift through in order to find active ones. Also it means that if someone had a post that was culled from early on, they can freely re-post it later if things went south. If you abuse this, your ability to post in this thread will be revoked entirely.



  • ProZZaqProZZaq Registered User new member
    edited June 29

    Hotel: Sheraton
    Total Cost: $360 per person for 2 traditional beds if we collectively decide to go with 4 keycards (quad); $302 if we go with 2 keycards (double)
    Date Arriving: Thursday, August 31
    Date Leaving: Tuesday, September 5 (can bump down to Monday, September 4 depending on group needs)
    Number of Spots Available: 3, flexible for additional floor room to bump down costs even more depending on how everyone feels
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: andrew.tucker.p@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: Second time owning the booking process. I myself have a lot of online feedback just from my eBay profile. There's been some interest so far, and I intend the room to be a space where folks can just pass out.

    zerzhul on
  • ancienteternityancienteternity Registered User regular
    edited June 21

    Hotel: Crowne Plaza
    Total Cost: $216 per person
    Date Arriving: Thursday, August 31
    Date Leaving: Monday, September 4
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender: M/F
    Best Contact Method: sethkauderer@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: 2 beds (and a rollaway bed requested). 3 males in the room now. Mainly just for showering/sleeping/storing swag.

    ancienteternity on

    See you kids at Prime/West.
  • BankruptsteveBankruptsteve Registered User regular
    edited July 10

    Location: 3rd and Pike street. 3-4 blocks away from Convention Center main building, and 2 blocks away from Pike Market.
    Total Cost: $50 a night (as many nights needed, but people wanting to stay longer will most likely get picked).
    Date Arriving: Whenever
    Date Leaving: Whenever
    Number of spots available: 4-6 (depends on how comfortable everyone is with how many they want to squeeze in).
    Gender: I will make this as balanced as possible so everyone feels comfortable.
    Best Contact: ThoughtCloudArt@gmail.com (I don't check it very often, so don't be worried if I don't answer right away).

    About me stuff:
    - I've been working in the video game industry for about 10 years, consider myself very progressive, and generally like making new friends. I'm a Seattle local, so if you need touristy tips, or suggestions on where to go/eat, I'm your guy.
    - Here's a sort of feedback about me from Binary cupcakes from a few years ago. https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/189397/airbnb-experiences-you-gotem-we-wantem

    About the place stuff:
    - For bed availability, there is 1 full sized futon, 2 queen sized airbeds, and floor space - there are no extra bedrooms and all airbeds and stuff will be set up in the living room.
    - Full kitchen with lots of cookware (ricecooker, pans that go from stove to oven, blender, etc)
    - Xbox one/PS4.
    - There is a portable AC unit.

    Important to keep in mind stuff:
    - It's cool if you cosplay, but be considerate of how much space you take up, and that if you use body paints/makeup, that it's not the kind that stains everything.
    - There's only one bathroom, so everyone is going to have to monitor their time and be cool about limiting themselves to 5-7 minutes max at a time (especially in the morning).
    - Keep in mind that in a shared group situation everyone's going to have their own schedules, some people might wake up early, or stay up later than others.

    About the group stuff
    - There isn't one yet, but if you're interested in joining shoot me a link to your facebook page, and I'll set up a messenger group for all of us to introduce ourselves.
    - If you've got rules, or things you're concerned about (allergies, smoking, bedtimes, etc) let me know.

    Bankruptsteve on
  • nixternixter roughly Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    edited July 3
    mod edit - removed

    zerzhul on
    aka Avidguru from MOG Nation and the Wildcast podcast
  • Blackheart82Blackheart82 Virginia BeachRegistered User regular

    Hotel: Sheraton
    Total Cost: 300.00 / Person
    Date Arriving: Thurs 8/31
    Date Leaving: Mon 9/4
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: PM

    Additional Notes/Requests: Group of friends that have been going for the last 9 years. We play late night board games, socially drink in the room, and always have a good time. Most of us are in our late 20s and early 30s so please be considerate of your own behavior to ours, we usually stay up late and can be a little loud but not obnoxious. Everyone in the room is responsible and the room is usually stocked up with provisions(IE snacks, drinks, alcohol).

  • acaraba2acaraba2 Tampa, FLRegistered User regular

    Hotel: Sheraton
    Total Cost: $1497 ($250/person)
    Date Arriving: Wednesday 8/30
    Date Leaving: Monday 9/4
    Number of Spots Available: 2-3 spots (total of 5-6 people)
    My Gender: Male - 29
    Your Gender: Doesn't Matter
    Best Contact Method: Skype: acaraba2 or Forum Message or email: acaraba2@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests:


    Attending: PAX West 2017 , Hotel - Sheraton

  • RoughRaptorsRoughRaptors Registered User regular
    edited July 18

    Crowne Plaza Seattle
    1113 6th Ave,
    Seattle, WA 98101 (0.3 miles from convention)

    Total Cost: $954 $1034 or $1114 total depending on 3, 4 or 5 people (need more keys for more poeple) split evenly between however many people ($318/person, $258/person, $222/person respectively)
    Date Arriving: Thursday 8/31
    Date Leaving: Monday 9/04 (Check-out)
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender: Don't care
    Best Contact Method: RoughRaptors@Gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    This post has been edited as plans have slightly changed and costs have been updated accordingly.

    There's two total beds I am in one right now and open to sharing as long as you're hygienic. A couple willing to share the second bed will be preferred over a single person. I'll accept a max of five people, but one would need to be on the floor so as long as that's cool, you can be the 5th! We'll be splitting the cost with however many we get, up to five people in the room total. Please don't be too loud late at night (past midnight-ish), or come back totally wasted off your ass and make us miserable, just be considerate, it's not a party room :-).

    Requiring a $50 deposit per person in advance to your spot being reserved via paypal to avoid any flakyness (sorry). I've been to PAX more times than I can count, have always room shared, and I've never had any problems in the past.

    RoughRaptors on
  • BengyIndigoBengyIndigo Registered User new member
    Hotel: Westin Seattle
    Total Cost: $65 per day less depending on amount of people
    Date Arriving:Thursday 8/31
    Date Leaving:Tuesday 9/05
    Number of Spots Available:4
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender: doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: ben_tyrant@yahoo.com

    Additional Notes/Requests:

  • MaskedManMaskedMan Registered User regular

    Date Arriving: 8/31
    Date Leaving: 9/4
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter.
    Best Contact Method: pkfire98@gmail.com

    Additional Notes: This will be my 11th PAX West (10 years straight). Willing to sleep on the floor. I shower at least once a day and use deodorant. Don't drink/smoke/do drugs, but don't mind if you do. Did roomshare in '13, '14, and '15.

  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    edited July 18

    ARRIVING: Wed Aug 30 (though I can book Wednesday separately if needed, prefer not to)
    LEAVING: Mom Sept 4 (but a Monday night overnight flight, so if possible to leave stuff room would appreciate)

    Spots Needed 1
    Gender: F

    Best contact: email sarabethwinters [at] gmail.com

    Additional Notes: Am visually impaired, so would prefer max 5 in room, 4 preferred if at all possible for mobility. I will be hosting a panel at PAX about cosplay robotics so expect a few robots in my luggage ;)
    I am VERY allergic to cannabis. I only bring this up because a former rooming was with someone who had doctor prescribed medical marijuana and I wasn't aware prior. I don't care what you do in your free time or if you need it, but I can't be near it or someone who recently smoked. Other than that, I've had FANTASTIC roommates through this board and made great friends.

    I don't drink often, but don't care about alcohol in room as long as I can sleep some part of the night.

    I am also something of a con mom, and will make sure you have food. :)

    divisionten on
  • NullthreadNullthread Seattle, WARegistered User regular

    Local host!: apartment 20 minute walk from PAX
    Total Cost: $0
    Date Arriving: Thur 31st
    Date Leaving: Mon 4th
    Number of Spots Available: 1-2
    (Our) Gender: F, M
    Your Gender: any or none
    Best Contact Method: mylarara [at] gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: Hi! Knowing that cons cost shit-tons of money for people coming from out of town, I like to open my doors to con-goers in the spirit of couchsurfing. We have tickets for Friday through Sunday, and most likely attending Thursday night events (like the pubcrawl or boardgame night.)

    Allergies/scents/drugs: We have a cat. Weed OK, but no cigarettes. We sleep late and are pretty chill.

  • LeonTalonLeonTalon Registered User new member
    edited 4:47PM

    Hotel: SpringHill Suites
    Total Cost: $1333 ($350 Each)
    Date Arriving:Thurs Aug 31st
    Date Leaving:Tues Sept 5th
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender:M/F
    Best Contact Method: thereforleon@hotmail.com or Forum PM

    Additional Notes/Requests: Two Double Beds, My brother and I will take one and you may share one with the other roomshare guest or accommodate yourself otherwise (Couch/Floor). We have an early Flight to catch on Tuesday so you must check out of the room around 6am

    LeonTalon at
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