[Windows 7] [Outlook 2016] E-mail search is borked.

Gabriel_PittGabriel_Pitt (effective against Russian warships)Registered User regular
So I hear this is not an uncommon problem, but I've gone through all the solutions offered up through my own research and have not been able to fix it.

So last week, my e-mail search was working fine. This week, I get 'Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed.'

I researched the problem and attempted the various relevant fixes - rebuild the index via Outlook's settings menu, disable and re-enable search for Windows, etc.

Now at this point, search seems to work when I use 'current mailbox' from the top inbox level. I look for 'nachos,' it finds all my nachos.

I think.

But if I select 'current folder' I get nothing. Even when in my 'recipe' folder overflowing with nacho recipes.

I've also tried doing a PST scan and repair, and the scan always 'finds problems' but the repair doesn't seem to fix anything.

Any suggestions that anyone has would be appreciated, as this is highly vexing.


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