Draft saved pop-up blocks text box on mobile

May have missed another post about it, or it just happens on my phone, but the "draft saved" pop-up lands right in the middle of the text input box.
Usually (though not always) it covers the active line so I can't see what is showing up on the screen. I can hit the x to close it, but that unhighlights the text box and I have to reselect it to keep typing.

Important parts:
Huawei honor 8
EMUI 5.0 based off Android 7.0
Chrome 58.0.3209.83
Resolution: 1080x1920


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    SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
    Doesn't seem to be an issue at lower resolutions, the draft saved message defaults toward the bottom of the page for me (relative to my cursor, so even when I am typing a long post it stays out of the way):


    Same version of Chrome.

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    ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    edited June 2017
    On mine it's the same as SmokeStacks. It annoyingly covers the Post Reply button, but it's not a huge deal.

    Edit: never mind, I see the difference there. Yeah, at the full 1440x2560 the Draft Saved button can show up in some weird places.

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    Donkey KongDonkey Kong Putting Nintendo out of business with AI nips Registered User regular
    I'm on an iPhone 6S and in iOS this message is constantly in the way while composing posts. It's a pain to close too, because tapping the X is unreliable. I wish it wasn't a popup, but a static element, maybe next to the post button.

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    LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    Yeah, tapping the x also unfocuses the text box which causes the keyboard to close which moves everything.

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