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Pyrian's Watercolors

PyrianPyrian Registered User regular
I'm working on some watercolor art for a personal game project (which per forum policy will go unnamed for now), slowly replacing the digital "programmer art" it had before. There's a sort of random overmap in which each site you can visit has a terrain type, represented with a little picture. Here's what it looked like originally:


Here's my physical paintings:


And here they are, in-game:


This is a bit zoomed in so you can see closer to what part of it might look like full screen:


So... Does this work? Better, worse, something else? Any tips or criticisms, things I could maybe fix? Feedback is always appreciated! :)


  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    I think the idea is cool, but you may want to paint larger. You're painting very very tiny and I think losing some of the clarity as a result.

    Try to consider the brightness of the colors you're using...when you're creating small icons like this, clear silhouettes and forms are VERY important. When you change these over to greyscale, they're a bit hard to understand.

    I actually think the "programmer art" is easier to read, for a few reasons. The icons there are very distinct from one another, and have clear silhouettes. In your version, you've removed the silhouettes entirely by placing all the scenes in square frames. Many of your paintings also show extremely similar scenes (i.e. a brown road in the center of the image, with the sky covering the top 1/4).

    I'm a bit confused by the yellow "S" shape and the other additions from the in-game screenshot...it looks a little messy? You can create watercolor art for a game and have it look fantastic, but it does require some finesse. Watercolor like this looks rather loose, which is fine, but if everything looks loose, it can look messy.

    Maybe try planning out and drawing some distinct, simple silhouettes for each terrain, and consider using some different colors per slot, too. Different greens, different shapes, etc. Anything that would help each area seem unique and immediately recognizable from its icon on this page.

    rotate.php TumblrLink.gif
  • PyrianPyrian Registered User regular
    Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate the feedback. For the record, here's what the "yellow S" (which identifies sites you can immediately travel to) moves like in GIF form:


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