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Some Discussion Threads I've Read/Bookmarked Not Updating When There Are New Posts

Some threads I've read do not turn blue and show a new post count when there are new posts. Tried un-bookmarking them, logging out and clearing cookies. They still show as greyed out even though there are new posts.


  • BronzeKoopaBronzeKoopa Registered User regular
    edited July 2017
    I went to the forum homepage and hovered over the Games & Technology forum to see the little gear icon, clicked on that and then clicked "Mark Read" to mark all topics as read there. Waited a while without going into any G&T threads to see if the topics I'm having trouble with will update, this is what I got:
    The Nintendo Switch thread remains greyed out as if I read it even though I didn't read it and it has new posts.

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  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    I'm having the same problem. It only happens for some of my bookmarked threads, but not all of them. I've got this problem both on my PC (Firefox) and on my phone (Chrome).

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  • skeldareskeldare Gresham, ORRegistered User regular
    I've been seeing this as well on both computer and phone.

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