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Official MTG Commander Thread

mnemonictutormnemonictutor A Mnemonic Tutor in Silicon ValleyMountain View, CARegistered User regular
Big Commander aficionado here who will be traveling home for PAX from CA. I know they have official events like draft and 2HG, but I didn't see any Commander events listed. I figured we could try to self-organize here and get a small group going. I figure if we have a few pods playing that would be awesome. I'm trying to keep it very casual, but if there are enough competitive-EDH players on here, perhaps we can organize a pod just for that? What are your thoughts?



  • mnemonictutormnemonictutor A Mnemonic Tutor in Silicon Valley Mountain View, CARegistered User regular
    Just giving this thread a little bump to see who's interested in getting some EDH/Commander going at PAX South. I've got a few decks I'm bringing and trying to put together an Unstable EDH deck for those that want to play that format.

  • linxlinx Registered User new member
    I will most definitely be bringing my commander decks with me. Not super competative but fun decks.

  • mnemonictutormnemonictutor A Mnemonic Tutor in Silicon Valley Mountain View, CARegistered User regular
    Cool, I will bring a few as well. I mostly play the pre-cons, but I do have a few home-brew decks as well. I am not trying to travel too heavy, so I may bring one of each or so.

  • XirycXiryc Registered User regular
    Commander doesn't usually go on the schedule because they run pods on demand.

    Fun fact: South is your last weekend to play those silver-bordered cards!

  • XphoriaXphoria Registered User new member
    I would love to play some EDH at PAX ! I just made a deck and im definetly itching to try it out. It would be awesome to have a small group to play casually with this weekend. Count me in!

  • dfmallettdfmallett Registered User new member
    I registered to say that I'll be there with multiple competitive-tier decks, tuned for both multiplayer and 1v1. If anyone plays Duel Commander, I will give an Awesome Reward to anyone who beats me in a 1v1 match!

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