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[D&D 5e] Gaming Abroad Journal

CarnalStateCarnalState Registered User regular
edited July 2017 in Critical Failures
I moved to New Zealand in 2015 and was lucky enough to find a solid D&D group pretty quickly. The size has gone up and down a little over the last year and a half but the core players have remained and it is the longest and most fun game I've ever played for sure.
Initially one guy was running a campaign inspired by a game world called "Sajavedra". A weird fantasy wizard war tropical hell hole. It was awesome. But I took over after a while, around levels 4-5 or so. I decided to plunge the party into the Underdark as soon as possible.
There were slave markets, huge endless bridges, flumphs, Drow, more slavery/prison, spiders, fires, escapes, yada yada yada.
The first DM and I traded so he took over again for a little while, but now I'm back.

My bard used his spell "Leomund's Tiny Hut" to run a D&D game of his own while the party rested.

He used booger golems as tokens/avatars for everybody.
Kiholosh the bard wove a tale about Darkbark Forest, a totally foreign place.

The players' PCs all rolled their own characters and played in character as weird adventurers playing D&D for the first time.
It was so confusing and glorious, and of course everything I planned went straight out the window immediately.

Everybody loved it (I think).

The climax came as one PC, a rogue, continuously bugged my bard about a previous encounter with mind flayers.
He had apparently hit a sensitive subject and triggered a sort of brainwashing alarm. Kiholosh started freaking out and losing control of the game and Tiny Hut spell. A gap in the roof opened and everybody saw the terrifying mind flayers crawling on the ceiling above them all.

The rogue inspected my bard and saw that he had been attacked on the back of his skull, bitten or something, horribly by the mind flayers. And put under some control spell or something.

He stalled them with his game and lured them all to this area so the mind flayers could find them.

But they all fought them and scared them away with fire and sorcery. Or the mind flayers let them think they did...

Kiholosh the bard is now in bad shape and unable to continue his game until the party can take on the mind flayers.

I should state here that the mind flayers enslaved another PC's brother and his rescue is a main goal for the Druid.

The party escaped into the wild mushroom Underdark forest and are trying to take care of the bard and make a plan.

The best part is that the rogue is now reallllly into the game and wants to finish the meta game! He's playing the part so well.

I don't know what I'll start with next game yet. I did end by giving out some crazy magic items I invented, I'll post stats later. They are not meticulously crafted or following all rules but really funny and will make our game crazier as always.

I recorded the audio and hope to edit it all and keep up this crazy chapter of the game a while.

More to come!
Anybody with suggestions, etc., please sound off!

CarnalState on
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