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Low fps in new game (gtx 970)

RoeRoe Registered User regular
So I bought a new game yesterday and started to play it knowing that I was at or above recommended specs for the game. I hop into the game, turn the settings up, and received 20-30 fps.

I then turned the graphics to medium, and the frames stayed in the same range, 26-35. I looked for answers online, but found nothing.

I downloaded my new drivers for my gpu and nothing. I checked if my cpu was maxing out while playing, but it was hitting the 50% range at most. Ram was okay, gpu wasn't maxing out. I checked with other players who had the same setup as I did, they were able to max out graphics at fps cap and their computer wasn't breaking a sweat.

Here are my specs:

Roe on


  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    Probably an issue with the game itself. Early access games are notorious for having bad performance, and there are many other people having similar problems on the forums.

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